Jetslide boat lift



The JETSLIDE is a unique patented dry dock system that protects the hull of your watercraft from the accumulation of shellfish and marine vegetation affecting the performance of your boat. With the JETSLIDE, you’ll eliminate both maintenance costs and premature wear and tear on your watercraft. It’s easy to assemble, clean, esthetic, very flexible, and compatible with different types of watercraft. The JETSLIDE also enables you to safely walk around your pleasure craft. No more metal structures obstructing your view. The JETSLIDE requires no maintenance.


The JETSLIDE has the same basic advantages as our dock system.


The JETSLIDE has been especially designed to evenly distribute the watercraft’s weight, thus preventing any excessive pressure on the hull. Assembled with no moving parts that are easily damaged or that require regular maintenance, the JETSLIDE is made of new-generation plastic providing you with a top-quality product that features cutting-edge technology. It’s both lightweight and resistant to impact, chemical products, UV rays and weather variations. It will remain afloat, even under the worst conditions, thanks to its foam filled interior, which makes it very resistant.


Other companies sell products… Candock sells solutions!


NOTE: Considering the various sizes, shapes and types of boats; Candock inc. must approve every Jetslide installation even if they are installed by an authorized Candock distributor for the warranty to apply.




High-density polyethylene resin


Dimensions :

H : 38 cm (15″)
L. : 288 cm (114″)
W. : 96 cm (38″)


Weight :

JetSlide : 68 kg (150 lbs.)


Colors :

Grey, beige and any other colour by special request.

Air Assist


The JETSLIDE system also features the best floating assistance system on the market – The AIR ASSIST. Used for heavier watercraft, this system keeps the JETSLIDE’s dimensions to a size suitable for marina spaces or cramped locations. The system is compact, lightweight, durable and easily installed. It is also quick and easy to operate.


It’s clear – there’s nothing like the JETSLIDE on the market!